FAQ : Coronavirus Response

In these unprecedented times of quarantines, safe distance measure and COVID-19, Our dealers are here to support you in any way we can.
The health of our employees, dealers, customers, and community is always our top priority. So, to make sure we do our part on this unfamiliar curve, we’ve gathered these helpful resources together to make it simple to stay informed and connected to you.

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Have any BMW AML Dealerships temporarily closed?

While we are taking every precaution to address the global impact of the novel coronavirus, We are adjusting the hours of operation.

Showroom & Workshop BMW AML Thamrin:

10-24 April 2020: Closed

Showroom & Workshop BMW AML Medan:

Monday To Saturday: 10.00 AM - 4.00 PM
Sunday: Closed


What precautions/restrictions do you have in place to protect your employees and help prevent the spread of any illness?

BNPB We ask our team members to follow routine health recommendations during cold and flu season as well as BNPB guidelines for prevention and treatment. If a team member is exhibiting COVID-19 or flu-like symptoms, we are urging them to stay home, contact their physician and return to work only after they are released by their physician.


What are you doing at the plants today to protect the health and safety of team members?

We have already taken many steps to help protect our team members by closely following guidelines from BNPB, medical experts, and government officials. We are further enhancing these protocols as we move forward. For example:

  • We have taken steps to limit the number of people our team members are exposed to by reducing shift overlap, by allowing and encouraging personnel to work from home

  • Keeping close interactions between employees and customers to an absolute minimum: no handshakes and no high-fives

  • Ramping up disinfecting protocols, including cleaning in between shifts and disinfectant for our showroom and workshop

  • We conduct health screening protocols on dealer staff and visitors in the building area. Anyone displaying a temperature over 38-degree Celsius will not be able to come in

  • We provide hand-sanitizer on our receptionist table to all customers

  • Implementing a safe distance measure where possible

  • We advise our team members to bring fresh food from home or through delivery services to avoid crowds


How do I service my BMW vehicle or do a test drive during this time?

Over the next few weeks, we committed to providing you the ability to work with us from the comfort of your home by offering the following options :

  • Free Service Pick-up from your home or workplace for all customers
  • At-Home Test Drives. If you are not comfortable coming to us, we can bring your dream car to you. Rest assure the car will be cleaned prior to departure and upon arrival at your home or workplace


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