BMW Mudik Service 2022.

For all BMW users, before taking your homecoming trip, make sure to have your BMW checked professionally. ​

FREE CHECK-UP at BMW AML Service includes: ​

- Ensuring Windshields, Windows & Lights are in good working condition ​
- Wheels & Tires in good condition (setting correct tire pressure, checking brake disc & brake pads) ​
- Topping up essential fluids (including radiator coolant & windscreen washer)​
- Ensuring the engine is in excellent condition​
- System Electronics is functioning normally (including checking lights, air conditioning, signal & alarm systems) ​
- Safety system is still active​

Time to get your BMW ready for EID ride.​

Click link in bio @bmw_aml to booking online or show this content to our Service Advisor.​

For more information please contact​
BMW AML Contact Center
(021) 2993 7269 (7BMW)
Or WA at 081 1109 9269 (9BMW)